in honor of our national holiday yesterday, i gave my sons a brief overview of three of our presidents using their pictures.

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me:  who is this? 

boys:  uuhhh...

me:  what's his name?  george ...

elijah:  washington!  george washington!

the other two repeat after him.

me:  yes!  that's george washington, our first president! ...  now who is this?

boys:  uuhhh ...

noah:  he's on the penny!

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me:  yes, he is on the penny.  what's his name?

the boys all show me their pennies and chant, "he's on the penny!"

me:  a-bra-ham ...

boys:  a-bra-ham ...

me:  lincoln!

boys:  lincoln!

me:  a-bra-ham lin-coln!

boys:  a-bra-ham lincoln!

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me:  who is this?  who's our president now?

jonah:  the happy man!

me (giggling):  yes, but what's his name? 

boys:  uuhhh...

me:  ba-rack ...

boys:  ba-rack ...

me:  o-ba-ma.  barack obama!

they form a chorus of different pronunciations that resemble "barack obama", though not quite.

jonah:  why is he so happy?

and that was the end of our lesson.