frequently asked questions

they all look alike.  are they triplets?
no, they just look alike and have the same birthday. ... yes!

are they identical?

did you use any kind of fertility method?
no.  i prayed to have three children and God gave them all to me at once.  never underestimate the power of prayer.

do multiples run in your family?
hubby is a fraternal twin.  there are two sets of identical twins on my mothers side.  but, from what we were told, identical triplets just happen spontaneously and has nothing to do with lineage.  so we just lucked out, i guess.

were you on bedrest?
no.  i was actually restless.  didnt sleep.  cleaned the house.  did the laundry.  walked the dog.  strolled everywhere.

did you have any complications?
hyperthyroidism and PUPPS (a severly itchy rash that drove me insane).

how long did you carry them?
i still carry them.  oh, in utero?  i scheduled my c-section at 35 weeks; otherwise, i would have scraped all of my skin off.

were they in the nicu?
for a day due to low glucose levels.

how much did they weigh?
noah - 5.4 lbs; jonah - 4.15 lbs; elijah - 5.4 lbs

how do you tell them apart?
me - im their mother.
jason goes on to describe their individual head shapes in detail.

do they have their own personalities?
doesnt everyone?

do they get along? do they fight?
dont all siblings get along and fight?

how do you do it?
i dont know, we just do. we live by nikes motto.