i am a thirty-something wife and mother, and i believe those are the best roles to be living!  i have been blessed with spontaneous identical triplet boys, and my life has been nothing but extraordinary ever since.  certainly, my three blessings wouldn't have been possible without my husband.  he and i have been together for several years, and it's been one constant, yet thrilling, roller-coaster ride for the both of us.  last, but not least, there's my first child, a tough lil' pekingnese in his prime, who still behaves like the baby (boss) of the family.

i work full-time, while managing the fort at all times.  hubby juggles himself with a f/t job, the pursuit of a degree, and cares for our boys just as much.  we do it all by ourselves, our families residing at the far and opposite ends of the country.  we have often lived days with our tanks on almost empty, and even quite a few days on reserved fuel.  but the profound energy and spirits of our children never fail to provide us with that boost to keep on chugging!