old navy photo contest

i just discovered old navy's supermodelquin search contest the other day.  i really should have realized it sooner as i subscribe to its emails.  i guess that's what happens when your inbox becomes so inundated with subscriptions and junk mail - sometimes you miss the interesting and important ones!  the photo entries of the children all looked adorable, and my sons were excited to view them with me as they happen to be sitting next to me.  so i whimsically thought that it would be fun to drop by an old navy store and take pictures of my boys with those notorious mannequins too.  and why not enter them in the contest?  so i did.  unfortunately, the voting period ends in a week, and there are entries out there that are way ahead of the game.  but we can't hurt to try, right?

we do need your support, though!  please vote "10" for my boys - you're allowed to vote daily until march 3.  i was told by jay's aunt that she was able to vote for all three in one day.  you will have to register, although you will be rewarded via email with a 15% off coupon for your next purchase.

noah - http://www.iwannabesuper.com/?challenge_id=1&entry_id=12954#challenge1[12954]

jonah - http://www.iwannabesuper.com/?challenge_id=1&entry_id=12984#challenge1[12984]

elijah - http://www.iwannabesuper.com/?challenge_id=1&entry_id=12990#challenge1[12990]

my family and i appreciate your participation and support!