cupcakes for breakfast

my sons and i have breakfast at home.

jonah:  i want a muffin.

me:  those aren't muffins, they're cupcakes.  they're just not frosted.

jonah:  no, those are muffins.

me:  they're cupcakes, not muffins.  daddy made a mistake when he gave them to you for breakfast yesterday.  cupcakes are for dessert.  we can have dessert after dinner.

elijah:  this is dinner. 

me:  no, we're having breakfast right now.  we have breakfast in the morning and dinner at night.

after he was done, elijah got up to place his dish on the kitchen counter.  jonah and noah continued to have their meal.

elijah:  i don't want to go anywhere today.  i just want the sun to go down already.