i had just put my sons to bed, and i met jay downstairs in the living room.  jay was laying on the sofa nursing a bad cold, and i sat next to him.  we chatted, like we usually do every evening as it's probably the only time of the day that we're allowed to have a real conversation.  tonight's subject:  food.  poor hubby, he must've been craving since he hasn't been able to eat normally the last few days.

jay:  rob told me about a taco truck in downtown that stays open all night on the weekends.  he says the tacos are sooo good!

me:  oh yeah?

jay:  yeah!

he glances at the clock.

jay:  in fact, we can go there right now.

sure, honey.  let's hop into the car and go.  the boys are sound asleep.  we can leave them home all by themselves for a little while.  we'll just lock the doors.  they won't notice we're gone.

on second thought ... jay:  what am i saying?  maybe some other time.

me:  yes ...  maybe next time we can all go.

must've been the medication talking.